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I have personally benefited from Dr.Lee's expertise with Traditional Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture. In treating a recent illness I first turned to traditional medicine. The physicians were able to make a diagnosis, but were unable to resolve my symptoms despite multiple trials over the course of several months. After receiving acupuncture and Chinese Herbs from him, my symptoms resolved within a few weeks. I owe my good health today to Dr Lee's healing skills and would recommend Sahngjoon to anyone.

- Adriana Gonzales, Santa Ana CA

My neck and shoulder muscles were so tight and painful that I could not get relief no matter what I tried. The most aggressive massage therapist could not undo the tension or make much progress. Finally, I turned to acupuncture and my muscles began to respond and soften with the very first treatment. After several visits, my muscles loosened, the pain and tension that I had felt for months was finally gone. The massage therapist saw a huge difference in my muscle tension and I could benefit from his work as well as begin strengthening and exercising pain-free. My energy and overall health has also increased from acupuncture treatments with Sahngjoon, Lee.

- Erene Kreb, Garden Grove, CA

I have been dealing with Irritable Bowel Syndrome since grade school. My primary care physician(s) had me try fiber supplements with no success. Then after being sent to numerous specialists, I went through a number of prescription drugs also with no success. After years of no improvement in my condition, I decided to try acupuncture therapy. In addition to the acupuncture treatments, Dr.Lee suggested that I limit my intake of sugar (for I drank a lot of soda) and begin taking pro-biotics (Acidophilus and Bifidus) and herb tea. The improvement has been quite dramatic. I would estimate a 95% improvement with acupuncture treatments combined with the decreased sugar intake and added pro-biotics and herbs. For the first time in nearly 35 years I am no longer bothered by Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I highly recommend acupuncture therapy for the treatment of IBS With Sahng joon.

- Veronica, Stanton, CA

I went to see Dr. Lee when I became fed up with my regular medical doctor's solution to my PMS. Wanting to get the root of the problem, I decided to try acupuncture for the first time. I was surprised and relieved when Sahngjoon sat down with me on our first visit and asked me more questions about my health, history and lifestyle than my family doctor of 8 years! He guided me through the process, explained the issues, and told me what to expect during and after the treatments. By the time my next period came, I had no pain or symptoms for the first time ever! I was so excited I told all my friends. It was nothing short of a miracle for me. His expertise, patience, understanding and genuine concern for my well-being was a refreshing change from traditional medicines.

- T. Baker, Anaheim, CA

I've suffered from migraine headaches for 30 years and have tried all sorts of medications that have been only partially effective. However, with acupuncture I have had very effective (sometimes within minutes) relief from migraine pain. I don't fully understand how it works, but for relief of pain I highly recommend it.

- Rosa Mendez, Westminster, CA

I had headaches almost every day. I had a weak and lazy thyroid and was tired after waking up every morning. I was feeling weak. After acupuncture and herbal tea treatment, I feel great. I am full of energy; I am losing weight and feel very refreshed. I have no more headaches. I do not need my thyroid medication anymore, and after many years, I feel wonderful. It has only been three months.

- Steve Goldman, Cypress, CA

I first started acupuncture to help heal a sports injury that had still been bothering me after several months of rest. After such a positive experience, I now go to acupuncture for everything from sports injuries, to sinusitis, to just feeling like I need more energy. Dr. Lee is extremely easy to work with and takes great care in treating his patients. His herbal prescriptions have been particularly helpful as well! I am very grateful to have acupuncture and Sahng joon in my life!

- Ariel, Irvine, CA

The problem I faced was depression, for which my doctor was prescribing sleeping pills. As the dosage was increased, this forced me to take some other pills to wake up. All this was affecting me. I learned about acupuncture and came in for treatment. Since the third visit, I have been sleeping like I have not been able to in a long time, and without taking any more sleeping pills.

- Jorge Tapia, Garden Grove, CA

The combination of Dr. Lee’s skilled acupuncture treatment and the Chinese herbs he prescribes has had the following positive impacts on my health and well-being:
1. Clearing up of the itching, redness and scaling resulting from a case of eczema on both calves.
2. No colds, sinus discomfort or flu experienced during the past fall/winter months.
3. A noticeable reduction in hand and back pain due to arthritis.
His patient dedication is recognized and appreciated.

- Vito S., Huntington Beach, CA

Acupuncture & Natural herbs work for diet!!! I lost 20lb in two months. I Highly recommand Joon for acupuncture Diet.

- Ramirez Mayra, Irvine, CA

To say that I credit Dr. LEE with the birth of my beautiful daughter is really not much of an overstatement. After years of amennorhea due to a very athletic lifestyle and long-term birth control pill use, I had spent over a year trying various synthetic hormone treatments with my ob/gyn to try to get my cycle going again, with no success. I had just been referred to a fertility specialist, so I decided to try Chinese medicine with Sahngjoon, LEE as an intermediate step. The results were nothing short of miraculous. Within six weekly treatments, my cycle was back and within twenty treatments, I was pregnant. I could not believe my eyes when the two little lines showed up on the test early one Saturday morning! Thirty eight weeks later, our daughter was born.

- Jackie Kim, West LA, CA

I started seeing Dr. Sahngjoon, LEE a few months before my first planned IUI and I can connfidently "blame" LEE for its success and for the fact I now have a gorgeous little creature attached to my breast day and night! LEE is a professional, kind, attentive very supportive and a very gifted practitioner. I saw LEE through out my pregnancy and I feel it's one of the best things I could have done for my self! I highly and gladly recommend Dr. LEE to anyone.

- Veronica Alvarez, Santa Ana, CA

I came to Sahngjoon, LEE with lots of questions. He helped me to understand about acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. He put me at ease and we began to talk about why I came to him. I wanted to lose weight, lessen my asthma, reduce my migraine headaches, and try to come more with daily stress. So far, in my few months of treatments, I have lost weight, my asthma is under control, my migraines are gone, and my stress level is considerably reduced. I can't recommend Dr.LEE highly enough. He is a very talented, kind, empathetic person who is eager to listen and help. I look forward to my visits.

- Susan Tobins, Anaheim Hills, CA

The Best!
"I have been seeing Sahngjoon once a week for about 6 months and my body feels great. I went to him because my back had gone out. I swear I thought it would never get better but LEE's needles have fixed my back! He is the best acupuncturist. He is professional and knows his stuff! It doesn't even hurt when he puts the needles in. I can't say enough good stuff about Dr. LEE!

- Cristina Rin, Fullerton, CA

Where do I start? I first saw LEE when I was trying to get rid of an awful chest cold I had for about 3 weeks. I went into his office coughing, I had very low energy and I was feeling pretty miserable. I'm 27 and I felt like I was 80. He did a treatment that involved acupuncture as well as Cupping. He also gave me some advice on what food and drinks to stay away from. I left his office that day without any coughing at all. I was really amazed and happy at how quickly his treatment worked on me and how fast my body was able to regain energy and feel normal again. ?Around that time I also hurt my lower back and hip area lifting something I should not have. I went to a chiropractor for 2 months, about twice a week. It just wasn't helping. I was limping on a daily basis and could not sleep a full night without my leg going numb. I told Sahng-joon what was happening and he told me to come in. After one treatment I was able to do more in one day then I could for almost 2 months. He still treats me about once a month for this, and each time I feel better and better. He is comforting and gentle and I can't rave enough about him!!

- Ashilly Hanshaw, Lakeforest, CA

"Professional, dedicated, caring and thorough. I'd always favored Western medicine over alternative treatments. I have a two-level fusion at the base of my spine and, for at least a year, had been experiencing increased lower back pain, severe and protracted muscle spasms, sharp pain in my right hip, and impairment in my overall mobility. A friend recommended I see Dr.LEE. Within four months, using a combination of acupuncture, massage, and an herbal supplement - something I never thought I'd take - the muscle spasms are gone, I'm pain-free more days than not. I've stopped taking medication entirely. And I'm now back to twice weekly Pilates sessions and walking several miles a day without pain. Sahngjoon rocks!

- Jack Denis, Cypress, CA

After an orthopedic surgeon told me that surgery was the only solution for a medial meniscus tear in my right knee, I decided to give acupuncture a try before going under the knife. I've been to Dr.LEE eight times and now my knee is almost completely pain-free. I've been able to resume aerobic dancing for the first time in over a year. Dr.LEE is always patient, attentive, friendly, and relaxed. He takes a lot of time and follows the acupuncture with a deep leg massage, despite the fact that my insurance pays him only slightly more than half of what he normally charges. I always leave feeling calm and happy--he really has a healing hand.

- Jennifer Lee, Fullerton, CA

I have seen 5 different acupuncturists in Garden Grove, and although they have all helped, the work Dr.LEE Sanhgjoon, L.Ac. has done to alleviate my shoulder and knee pain has been extraordinary. He is professional, patient, supportive and effective: what one really needs in a health care provider. I notice quick results following his treatments. His knowledge of herbs has also helped my immune system and his understanding and respect for western as well as eastern medicine is extensive.

- Michael Deng, Garden Grove, CA

I have had symptoms of endometriosis since the fall of 2003, debilitatingCrebb periods as well as pain with sex and bowel movements. My original ob/gyn told me there was nothing to worry about. In 2005, I consulted another ob/gyn who suggested going on the birth control pill to relieve the symptoms and slow the growth of any abnormal tissue. I started on the pill and, while my periods became less painful, I still had pain with sex and worried that my fertility might be impaired because the root of the problem had not be addressed. I sought out Sahngjoon, LEE in early 2007. I stopped taking the pill and began a daily herb regimen, as well as weekly acupuncture treatments. In the past months, I have been nearly pain-free and rarely experience pain with sex. I feel the herbs are addressing the imbalance in my body, instead of just masking the symptoms. I'm so happy not to be taking hormones. As a practitioner, Dr.LEE is caring and thoughtful. I appreciate the research he did on my problem and his gentle way with the needles. I can't thank LEE enough for his help.

- Kate Cooksie, Cerritos, CA

I first started seeing Dr.LEE after the birth of my first child by C-section. I'm 43 years old and wanted to have another child as quickly as possible. He was very instrumental in helping me get my body ready to prepare to become pregnant again. My body felt like it was in bits after my first pregnancy. I wanted to be in the best shape I could be. Using a combination of acupuncture, herbs and massage, Dr.LEE helped me get strong and ready to go again. Today, I'm the mother of two beautiful children. Sahngjoon, LEE has a lovely bedside manner. He is not intimidating at all. I felt I could open up to him right from the beginning.

-Sally P., Irvine, CA